36V/48V/52V 20Ah 18Ah Lithium Ion ebike Battery Li-Ion electric bike Battery

36V/48V/52V 20Ah 18Ah Lithium Ion ebike Battery Li-Ion electric bike Battery

36V/48V/52V 20Ah 18Ah Lithium Ion ebike Battery Li-Ion electric bike Battery
Our batteries are suitable for most electric bicycles, except Bosch, SHIMANO, Yamaha and Panasonic. 36V/48V/52V 20Ah 18Ah Lithium Ion ebike Battery Li-Ion electric bike Battery.

(1) Long life 1000+ cycles, Quality Grade A cell, Riding time longer than ordinary batteries. (2) With LED battery indicator, USB port, power switch, safety lock, cell balance and other functions. (3) Fully automatic built in battery protection system.

Prevent the battery from overcharging, overdischarging, and short circuit. 36V 18Ah with 25A BMS Battery SPECIFICATIONS.

Top-A Grade 2500 mAh cells. Nominal Voltage&Rated Capacity: 36V 18Ah.

Configuration: 10S7P, 70 18650 cells. Cell Specs: Brand A-grade 18650 2500mAh 8A, 3C. Battery Net Weight: 4.5Kg. Battery Size: 365mm L, 110mm H, 90mm W approx. 14.37"×4.33"×3.54.

Cycle life(time): =1000 Cycles with DOD 80%. Max Continuous Discharge Current (BMS): 25amp. Nominal Voltage&Rated Capacity: 48V 13Ah / 52V 13Ah. Watt Hours: 624Wh(4813)/ 676Wh(5213).

Configuration: 13S5P, 65 18650 cells / 14S5P, 70 18650 cells. Battery Net Weight: 9.4 lb / 9.9 lb. Charge Cut-off Voltage: 54.6V / 58.8V. Max Continuous Discharge Current (BMS): 30amp. Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 36.4V / 39.2V.

Onic 4800 mah 21700 cells. Configuration: 13S 4P (52 cells). Cycle Life: =80% Capacity After 800 Cycles. Battery Dimensions: 365mm L 90mm W 110mm H. Battery Net Weight : 10.2 lbs. Maximum continuous charge current: 5A.

Max Continuous Discharge Current: 40amp(BMS). Charge Cut-off Voltage: 54.6V.

Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 36.4V. (Panasonic 4800 mah 21700 cells).

Configuration: 14S 4P (56 cells). Battery Dimensions: 365mm L 90mm W 127mm H.

Battery Net Weight : 11 lbs. Charge Cut-off Voltage: 58.8V. Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 39.2V. 1pc Lithium Battery with Built-in BMS. 1 pcs extra Anderson to XT60 adapter line.

We will reply you within 12-24 hours, thank you very much for your understanding. If the battery has a power switch, turn it on when charging and using it. We usually judge whether the battery is fully charged by the charger light turning green. And each power indicator only represents 25% power, which is only a proportional data. When the battery is charged to 75%, it will light up 3 green lights, and it will take some time to charge to 100%.

The lithium battery can be charged at any time, it is not necessary that all energy is exhausted before charging. The battery should be used within a range of operating temperatures.

Otherwise, there may be a loss of properties, leakage and / or rust. The rechargeable battery should be used within a short period of time after recharging, as the battery may self-discharge during prolonged storage. If long-term storage is required, the battery, which is 50% to 60% stored in a voltage range, is best because storage at higher voltage can result in loss of performance. Do not immerse the battery in water or seawater. Store the battery in a cool, dry environment.

The battery should not be used near a heat source as a fire or heater. Use the charger specifically for charging. Do not interchange the position and the negative terminals. Do not connect the battery electrodes to a power outlet. Do not throw the battery in fire or heating.

Do not short-circuit the battery by connecting the positive and negative poles directly to metal objects. Do not carry or store the battery with metal objects such as hairpins, necklaces, etc. Do not hit the battery, throw any trampling damage or throw it. Do not solder the battery directly and do not pierce it with a nail or other sharp object. After receiving the message, we will reply within 12-24 hours. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Cycling\Bike Components & Parts\Electric Bike Components". The seller is "sino-ebike-battery" and is located in this country: GB. This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.
36V/48V/52V 20Ah 18Ah Lithium Ion ebike Battery Li-Ion electric bike Battery